Bayonne Briefs

Lightning struck a home on O’Brien Court near 16th Street Park on Wednesday, July 18, damaging the awning and electric doorbell system.
Lightning struck a home on O’Brien Court near 16th Street Park on Wednesday, July 18, damaging the awning and electric doorbell system.

Redevelopment plans amended to allow two 25-story towers on MOTBY

Two redevelopment plans – one for Boraie Development and another for Gupta Development – were amended this month to allow building heights of up to 25 stories. If two 25-story towers are constructed on MOTBY, they would be the tallest buildings in Bayonne. Meanwhile, two 22-story towers are planned for North Street, a block from the 8th Street Light Rail station.

Lightning strikes home

During a thunderstorm that swept through Bayonne on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 18, lightning struck an awning covering a porch of an O’Brien Court home near 16th Street Park, setting fire to the home’s doorbell system. The fire was extinguished by the Bayonne Fire Department soon thereafter.

71-year-old fights off teenager in alleged home burglary

A 71-year-old man woke up in the living room of his 51st Street home in the early morning of July 13 to find a teenager allegedly holding a pair of the man’s jeans with $400 in one pocket, according to the Bayonne Police Department. The man then chased the teen throughout the home and out a rear screen door, where he tried to detain the teen, who allegedly broke away with the jeans after punching the man several times in the chest. During the scuffle, the teenager lost his shoes and a red t-shirt.
Responding police officers saw the shoeless and shirtless teenager walking on 51st Street when the teenager allegedly fled into a backyard and into a second-story apartment. The occupants of that apartment informed the police outside of a stranger in their apartment.

Will the state tax your tap water?

A state lawmaker is proposing a tax on tap water to repair the pipes in the state’s water system, according to State Sen. Bob Smith, D-Middlesex, has introduced legislation to impose a 10-cent tax on every 1,000 gallons of water. Smith says that New Jersey’s decaying water pipelines are increasingly causing health problems and need to be repaired or replaced.

Medicaid patients to gain access to smoking cessation meds and programs

Medicaid patients will find it easier to obtain medications – like gums, lozenges, and skin patches – to help them quit smoking, the state Department of Human Services announced on July 16. They will also have access to smoking cessation programs beginning in January.

NJ Supreme Court recommends municipal court system overhaul

New Jersey’s 515 municipal courts collected more than $400 million last year, according to NJ Spotlight. But the state’s Supreme Court is recommending that the system be restructured. The changes could result in lower penalties for those who appear in the courts but may affect municipal budgets. Municipal courts were ordered last week to begin lowering fines for some penalties.
As part of the municipal court system overhaul, the Supreme Court is considering throwing out nearly 800,000 old warrants for low-level offenses, like parking tickets. The court issued an order July 19 setting up a process for dismissing the cases. A series of hearings will be held around the state to allow local officials to argue against throwing out certain charges.