Opposing mega-stadium in and next to LSP

Dear Editor:

Liberty State Park, our priceless, peaceful and sacred NJ and American public space behind Lady Liberty is again threatened this time by a disastrous and insane proposal for a 100,000 seat mega-stadium for Formula One weekend car racing and also concerts.
This destructive and greedy proposal, presented but not formally submitted yet to the NJDEP by Formula One, a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation, is a declaration of war on LSP, our green open space waterfront so crucial for the quality of life of urban people and inspiring to all who visit.
This Formula One Folly mega-stadium shamelessly defies common sense and arrogantly casts aside the four decades of overwhelming majority opposition to LSP privatization and commercialization and recklessly ignores the inevitable ruinous impact on spring to fall weekend public access for visitors to Liberty State Park, tourists heading to the ferries that go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, on adjacent Jersey City neighborhoods, on Liberty Science Center visitors, and on turnpike extension traffic.
The Formula One spokesperson Thomas Considine, former Governor Christie’s Commissioner of Banking and Insurance, is deceptively stating that they’d remediate some of LSP’s Interior where they want 25 acres, but they know from the Jersey Journal story on 1/11/18 and their recent DEP meeting, that the remediation and nature restoration with trails for the Interior’s 235 acres is already fully funded. They also want a chunk of the adjacent industrial area and they don’t care about the inevitable traffic gridlock impact or about the noise and vibrations from racing or concerts on the wildlife in this long- planned spectacular Interior nature oasis.
The Formula One nightmare also wants to take park land for a “rail stop” inside LSP and the inevitable parking lots to serve their land grab for 100,000 racing fans and concert attendees. This proposal is ridiculous, no matter what pie-in-the-sky revenue windfall nonsense they’ve been promising to non-Hudson legislators, horse farm owners, and a few self-serving, so-called, conservation groups.
We thank Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji and Assemblywoman Angela McKnight for their strong opposition to the cockamamie mega-stadium and we trust that the rest of our Hudson County legislators will also again join what will be fierce grassroots opposition to preserve public access to LSP for future generations to enjoy.

Sam Pesin
President of the friends of Liberty State Park