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State Sen. Nicholas Sacco introduces anti-red light camera enforcement legislation

NORTH BERGEN – State Senator and North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco has joined with two other state senators to introduce legislation that would bar the state’s motor vehicle commission from giving identifying information on New Jersey drivers to camera enforcement entities from other states.
The Camera Enforcement Inoculation Act would, consequentially, protect state drivers from receiving tickets for automated enforcement infractions, the senators said.
Sacco likened controversial red light camera enforcement to a cash grabbing scheme at taxpayers’ expense.
“These camera enforcement schemes have been proven to be about money, not safety,” Sacco said.
“You go on a trip through Pennsylvania, Maryland, D.C. or New York City and you receive multiple tickets in the mail a month or more later and you have no way to defend yourself. It’s infuriating. New Jersey does not prey upon our drivers with the use of cameras. Other states are able to prosecute us through the cooperation of our MVC with their cameras. This bill will protect our motorists from this predatory practice.”
Red light cameras have received criticism in some areas, as motorists have received tickets even when the light was yellow. A 2014 study from the Chicago Tribune found no safety benefit from cameras installed at intersections with few crashes or injuries, and claimed the cameras actually increased accidents.

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