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County worker files lawsuit against Hoboken McDonald’s, alleging discrimination

HOBOKEN — According to news reports, Hoboken resident Quan Dunlap, 47, has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s alleging the Hoboken staff discriminated against him because he was African American. Dunlap said he had stopped at the McDonald’s on Third and Washington streets after getting off work at the county’s Department of Public Works. He said that he was allegedly told he would only be served if he didn’t stay to eat at the restaurant.
After getting his food, he told the worker he wanted to speak to a supervisor he said he was told he could only stay to eat for 20 minutes because they were “getting complaints from regular customers about people like me,” according to the lawsuit.
The suit, filed in Hudson County Superior Court by Dunlap’s attorney, Louis Zayas, seeks a jury trial, punitive and compensatory damages, attorney fees and other relief as deemed by the court.
Hoboken McDonald’s did not answer three calls for comment on Wednesday.

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