St. Mary’s Pee Wee scores for Week 1


The Hoyas defeated the Rams 16-11. Jenna Gaetani and Mara Ellerson each had 4 points, Kylie Galano, Sienna Inzitari, Sofia Vilas and Genesis Velasquez each added 2 points for the Hoyas. Samara Porch had 11 points for the Rams.

The Lakers defeated the Pirates 18-14. Avery Chrzanowski scored 12 points, Deangelice Williams 4 points and Emily Gasiorowski 2 points for the Lakers. Cara Hall and Sophia Feeney each had 6 points and Julia Potts added two points for the Pirates


The Knicks defeated the Hoyas 25-22. Brayden O’Connor scored 17 points, Brooklyn Kalafut 4 points, Kevin Asaad and Ben Cuttruff each 2 points for the Knicks. Braxton Mulcahy scored 16 points and Gerard Hester, Joe Makowski and Joseph Gillen each added 2 points for the Hoyas.

The Pirates defeated the Hornets 26-13. TJ Santos scored 16 points, Sean Gasiorowski and Angelo Squiteri each 4 points and Kendrich Tibay 2 points for the Pirates. James Riccio scored 11 points, Logan Diaz and Quinn Iszczyk each added 1 point for the Hornets.

The Lakers defeated the Rams 16-10. David Kobryn scored 12 points, Agostino Petrillo and Kai Loiacono each 2 points for the Lakers. Anthony Gonzalez scored 8 points and Sean Barfield scored 2 points for the Rams.