Man faints standing up on overcrowded PATH train


JERSEY CITY – Port Authority-operated PATH commuter trains have become so overcrowded that on Wednesday morning on the Exchange Place to World Trade Center run a man who passed out didn’t fall down because he was wedged tight between other passengers.
As reported by, Gary Toriello of Jersey City said that he felt someone pushing against him on the 8:45 a.m. train. He turned and saw the man’ eyes closed. The man had fainted and passengers were so crammed tightly together that the man was being propped up by Toriello and other commuters.
Passengers on the packed train created a space and the unconscious man “fell into my arms,” Toriello said. He said he lowered the man to the ground and asked another passenger to use the emergency communication intercom to alert the conductor. She did but the conductor “couldn’t make it through the crowded train.”
After a couple of minutes the man regained consciousness and sat up. Other passengers give him water and a banana, thinking he might be diabetic, and he appeared to recover, Toriello said.
A Tweet from PATH customer service said a passenger pulled the emergency alarm, but the conductor found no medical emergency after responding.
“Our understanding is that the emergency alert mechanism went off on that train, the conductor did respond, but when he got there, he was told there was no medical emergency and he did not witness one himself,” said Scott Ladd, a PATH spokesman. “That’s the information we have.”
Toriello said the conductor didn’t get to the scene until after the train stopped and the doors were opened. The man recovered and walked out of the car by the time the conductor arrived, he said.