Hoboken mayor wants to lure startups to his city

After Gov. Phil Murphy announced a new $500 million fund to allow the state to invest and partner with start-up companies that relocate to New Jersey, Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla said Hoboken is the ideal place to locate one’s startup.

“Investing through public-private partnerships like this, rather than simply offering traditional tax incentives, gives New Jersey a competitive edge to attract entrepreneurs to make their start in our state,” said Bhalla. “There is perhaps no place better situated than the city of Hoboken to be home to innovative start-up companies. Hoboken has millions of square feet already zoned for economic development at the northern end and the Hoboken Rail Yards, two of the most attractive locations for new businesses in the country. With access to public transportation, including train, light rail, bus, PATH, and ferry, coupled with Hoboken’s public parks and waterfront, our city provides the ideal quality of life for any startup to recruit top-tier talent.”

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“We finally have a governor with the guts to take bold action and find innovative solutions to bolster New Jersey’s economy,” added Bhalla. “I support the governor’s initiative 100 percent, and Hoboken stands ready to be a partner in developing more homegrown, New Jersey companies.”

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