Hero or villain?

Dear Editor:

Moses or Judas, Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, Benedict Arnold or Patrick Henry, Jeff Flake or Lindsey Graham? You pick which Flake is. The walls of history are lined with the famous and the infamous, with the brave and the cowards.

But first the facts: Jeff Flake is retiring from the senate in January, he is not running for reelection – that is a fact. The question is, “If Jeff Flake was running for a second term in Arizona, would he have voted “No” to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation?

Well – is the pope Jewish?

I would garnish Mr. Flake with flowery accolades for immortal eminence had he voted “No” IF he was running again; and that would be the measure of a brave statesman, which is the theme of JFK’s book, “Profiles in Courage”; but Jeff Flake took the easiest and quickest path to infamy by voting “No” with absolutely nothing to risk. I’m sorry, but in my book of “Humble Opinion,” that is the mark of a coward.

The woman in the elevator (who in my opinion was paid) to give a tear-wrenching performance before Flake, if he concedes to the fact the she “got to him,” it should have been even more proof that she was totally out of line by placing the blame of her painful experience of sexual assault on Brett Kavanaugh, but he buckled under and used it as a “cause” to excuse his cowardly “No” vote.

Hero or Villain? Jeff Flake has crumbled under the very grit of decency, honor, and virtue; and to top it all off, Mr. Flake has now joined Sen. Chris Coons, the Democrat from Delaware, on his campaign trail for reelection.

Hero or Villain? You decide.

John Amato