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QUESTION: In high school volleyball, Team (R) makes its first hit which contacts ceiling over own court. Can Team (R) continue to volley on second hit if ball falls on own side of court? If ball travels to opponent’s side following ceiling hit, does the ball remain in play?

ANSWER: Team (R) can legally continue to volley on next hit if ball contacts ceiling over own courtside. In second instance, the ball becomes dead when it travels across court after ceiling contact. Team (S) is awarded a point (Rule 2, Sec. 2, Art. 1 and Rule 2, Sec. 3).

QUESTION: On the third hit by Team (S), the ball becomes motionless in an overhead obstruction on its own court side. The ball is ruled dead. Is this a replay situation?

ANSWER: Dead ball is correct. This is not a replay despite the stoppage in play on Team (S)’s final hit. Loss of rally and point is awarded to receiving Team (R). A replay would be ruled if stoppage occurred on team’s first or second hit (Rule 9, Sec. 3, Art. 3, d; Exception) (Rule 9, Sec. 8, Art. 1, f).

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