Ignite Physical Therapy

Dr. Rimoun Hanna and members of his staff: Acupuncturist Jasmine Song, former staffer occupational therapist Danielle B., and physical therapist Jason Ceribo
Dr. Rimoun Hanna and members of his staff: Acupuncturist Jasmine Song, former staffer occupational therapist Danielle B., and physical therapist Jason Ceribo

Ignite Physical Therapy and Wellness Center
665 Broadway
(201) 875-5757

Photos by Alyssa Bredin Quiros

Dr. Rimoun Hanna has united two inspiriting disciplines—health and theology—in his quest to provide the pinnacle of physical therapy care.

After earning a doctorate in physical therapy at NYIT in Long Island in 2007, he went to Tulsa with his wife to earn a Masters of Theology from Oral Roberts University.

Through the theology, he hoped to gain “knowledge and understanding of Hebrew and Latin.”

Physical therapy, meanwhile, “has been a passion all my life,” he says. “When you work with people with disabilities who need physical therapy, they come three times a week for a month or two, and you form an extended relationship. You see progress happen.”

Originally from Egypt, Hanna arrived in Bayonne when he was 20 years old. He attended the Assembly of God Church, where he met his wife. They married in 2006.

When he started his career, Hanna says, “I was working in different outpatient clinics with different doctors and chiropractors, but I couldn’t find my vision. I had a bigger vision.”

His vision? “Excellent care based on individual needs.”

So he decided to strike out on his own. “It was a risk having my own business because I had no connections, and nobody knew me,” he says.

He opened a modern, fully equipped, 1,500-square-foot office on Broadway. “It started with just me, one massage therapist, and a front-desk girl,” he says. “My goal was to reach out to Bayonne and be number one in physical therapy in Bayonne.”

He hit his goal of 120 visits a week in three months.

Healing Bayonne  

“I did no marketing, but I started to be known in Bayonne,” he says. “It was only by word of mouth. People would walk in and bring their family and friends. That’s how we built our patient base.”

The practice offers a full range of physical therapy options, everything from treatments for sports injuries and post-surgical treatments to gait training, laser acupuncture, therapeutic massage, balance training, cryotherapy, and nutrition and weight-loss programs.

He came up with the name Ignite because it fit his vision. “I was always looking for something to bring energy and healing to people and something new,” he says.

Hanna started investing in high-tech devices, including a class-four laser machine to help patients with pain and inflammation in a safe, noninvasive way. With new laser technology, patients who are afraid of needles can receive needleless laser acupuncture.

If Hanna knows that a patient cannot pay, he offers inexpensive or free treatment.

“I walk the extra mile just to meet people’s needs,” Hanna says.

Contemporary Complaints

In today’s society, a lot of people are suffering from stress. “People are working so hard, they commute outside the city,” he says. “Especially in Bayonne, it’s attractive to live here and work in the city, which brings stress.”

He cites complaints such as migraines. “They try prescriptions, but nothing is helping to control pain, so we help guide people to relieve stress.”

Has it been a rewarding experience?

“We always get feedback from patients that the care is excellent, they’ve never seen such a team, we’re very welcoming, we listen to problems and needs—the quality of care is different.”

Hanna is hoping to move to a bigger space and bring in a sensory gym for autistic kids and mentally disabled kids. “State-of-the-art everything for kids,” he says. “Bayonne has a big population of disabled and autistic kids.

“We believe in health without limits,” he says. “There’s no good reason for people to live with pain if there is a way to relieve it.”—Kate Rounds