The Town’s Taking Off


No, that’s not me at the top of this letter. But if it were, I’d be a smart, fun, brave second grader from Henry Harris named Alex Weimmer. Read all about him in the Education section of this issue.

Some of our stories in this issue reflect the enormous changes that are taking place in our town. Most of them have to do with the wonderful people who now look at Bayonne as a place to thrive, network, and meet fellow citizens who are doing interesting things.

Take Meg Zervoulis. She’s the associate conductor for the Broadway show Mean Girls. That’s a big deal, and the city is attracting more like her.

How about Christian Garibaldi? He bought the 34th Street Firehouse. He has an architecture and photography background and is renovating the firehouse in a way that honors its Bayonne bones while bringing a sophisticated aesthetic to the project.

Or JP Porcaro. The new library director is not your grandpa’s librarian. Again, while honoring the classic building and the time-honored mission of free public libraries, he’s bringing technology, events, energy, and excitement to the whole library experience.

On the cultural side, Cheryl and Christopher Mack, founders of the Bridge Art Gallery, are reflecting and at the same time initiating an arts movement in Bayonne. The arts are attracting new people and inspiring longtime residents.

One of those residents is Reverend H. Gene Sykes who’s celebrating 25 years behind the pulpit of Friendship Baptist Church. And what about the Red Hat Society? I’d seen these ladies in the pages of the Bayonne Community News, so we decided to find out what was up with these foxy ladies.

And last, that gorgeous guy on the cover? That’s Alex Weimmer, a second grader at Henry Harris School. Read the story and find out why we chose him as our cover boy.