St. Mary’s Pee Wee scores for Week 4


The Pirates defeated the Hoyas 31-8. TJ Santos scored 12 points, Angelo Squiteri 8 points, Sean Gasiorowsli 4 points, Kenrich Tibay 3 points, Jeff Kyler Cabigas and Logan Servido each 2 points for the Pirates. Braxton Mulcahy scored 8 points and Gerard Hester 2 points for the Hoyas.

The Lakers defeated the Blue Devils 25-5. Agostino Petrillo scored 12 points, David Kobryn 11 points and Jordon Goding 2 points for the Lakers. Ethan Porch scored 3 points, Jace Elliot and Casey Traba each 1 point for the Blue Devils.

The Knicks defeated the Rams 22-11. Brayden O’Connor scored 10 points, Dennis Sanchez 6 points, Ryan O’Connor 4 points, and Jacob Cuttruff 2 points for the Knicks. Connor Gill and Joseph Olmo each scored 4 points and Jeremiah Baskerville 3 points for the RAMS.


The Hoyas defeated the Lakers 26-14. Kylie Galano scored 8 points, Jenna Gaetani and Mara Ellerson each 6 points, Abilgal Bissiotis 4 points and Genesis Velasquez 2 points for the Hoyas. Deangelice Williams scored 12 points and Avery Chrzanowski 2 points for the Lakers.

The Rams defeated Blue Devils 12-5. Samara Porch scored 11 points and Jaliyah Small scored 1 point for the Rams. Jada Stovall scored 4 points and Cora Hughes 1 point for the Blue Devils.


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