Accident near Hoboken school; student injured by debris


Hoboken’s superintendent of schools sent notice on Thursday evening saying a student was injured by debris earlier due to an accident near the Wallace School.

Superintendent Christine Johnson wrote, “A few moments ago after school hours, there was a motor vehicle accident on Willow Avenue in which a car drove into the basketball court area outside the school. No one on the playground or court area was injured. One of our Middle School students passing by was hit with some debris. We will continue to check on him this evening.”

Later that evening, Johnson released a letter stating:

“As per my previous email, a pick-up truck traveling west on 11th street jumped the curb, drove through the telephone control sub-station and proceeded through the fence surrounding the Wallace School basketball court area.
We are not at liberty at this time to release specifics as to the cause of the driver’s actions. However, there were numerous students in the vicinity when the accident occurred; one middle school student passing by was injured by debris. All students in the play area and basketball court were safely ushered by the staff back into the school. Serious accidents as such could be frightening to the school community, particularly for children. Therefore, we will have trained professional counselors and social workers onsite for as long as needed for any child or adult that may need assistance. Please note that the Wallace School staff and Principal Shannon will respond accordingly to all specific requests regarding outdoor recess or outdoor play.
Over the next few days we will meet with local officials to discuss this accident in its totality. My sincere thanks go out to all emergency responders and staff members for such a thorough response and to all parents for continued partnership and support.”