Election Day

To the Editor:

Election Day is approaching soon. America is in a deep crisis, and the survival of the idea and ideal that America was founded for is at stake. The United States of America was founded to be a federation of states subject to the constitution of the USA granting equal treatment under the law and the freedom to pursue individual happiness as long as it does not infringe on the pursuit  of happiness of someone else. As a federation of states our founders wanted to ensure that the majority of lesser populated states will not be drowned out by the minority of highly populated states. This is common practice in any federation. The European Union solved this problem by, for example, assigning one representative to, let’s say, 15 million citizens in a highly populated country like Germany and one representative to something like 3 million citizens in a smaller populated country like Greece. That will enable many smaller countries to generate a majority vote over fewer highly populated countries even though, when counting the popular vote, the few highly populated states would still have a majority. Our founders decided to use the construct of the electoral college to fulfill this purpose. So for the Democrats to demand that the electoral college be replaced with a strict national popular vote would destroy the concept of a federation. This must never , ever happen!

I had written before how, for about three generations we have been indoctrinated by our media, news and entertainment, as well as our educational system to think emotionally and no longer rationally. So let’s take a quick rational analysis. Time and again we are told in the press that the top 1 percent of earners pay 60 percent of the income tax, and I believe this is a pretty accurate estimate. Sixty percent of the federal budget covers the federal government functions assigned by our constitution: Defense, Justice, Foreign Affairs and Commerce (which includes agencies like EPA, OSHA, Labor, etc). The remaining 40 percent cover all the social programs that now have to be financed with the taxes collected from us, the hardworking middle class that is not even eligible for any of those programs. I am not suggesting to dismantle all “safety nets” like unemployment and disability; I collected unemployment at one time in my life myself. But there are many social programs that could be handled and once were handled through private charities. So, for the middle class to vote left liberal – or to be more precise Socialist – seems to be quite irrational, is it not?

Last but not least, Hillary Clinton revealed the true nature of today’s Democrats: “We cannot be civil with a party that wants to destroy everything we stand for.” So, if we do not vote for their beliefs, we destroy what they stand for and we must be destroyed by ANY means! Ask any Venezuelan refugee, this is what Chavez did and Maduro is doing, this is what is happening in Cuba, this is why so many Central American people are fleeing their countries – fierce, brutal dictatorships. Is this what we want in the USA? We must vote with reason, not with emotion. Bob Hugin is a voice of reason. What happened with the Kavanaugh confirmation must never happen again. The Senate committee grilled Judge Kavanaugh for about two months on his judicial record and found nothing to disqualify him for. Then, last minute, the Democrats played the sexual assault card and turned this hearing into a circus that embarrassed us in the eyes of the world. They abolished the principle of being innocent unless proven guilty. As Hillary Clinton said, whoever opposes them must be destroyed by all means. What a bleak future for America, if the Democrats win. May God have mercy and bless the USA.