Enjoyed Oktoberfest

To the Editor:

We’d like to thank our town, Mayor Davis, and all the groups that participated in this year’s Oktoberfest. It was very crowded; families, kids, teenagers, and seniors came out on a lovely fall day. And thank you for lots of giveaways, snacks, great bands, music, and a variety of foods from our downtown restaurants. And thank you for charging only $1 for bottles of Lipton ice tea and fruit juices and not overcharging. And the dog show was so cute too.

Special thanks to Judicke’s Bakery for once again giving out lots and lots of their delicious sprinkled donuts to everyone. That brought back happy childhood memories of growing up in Bayonne and going to Judicke’s Bakery as a kid with my parents and excitedly picking out my favorite colored sprinkled donuts, their Alaskan cheesecake, and pies.

Cherish your family and your childhood memories and look forward to making new memories.