Editor’s Letter

Death and Taxes

Editor’s Letter

I’m really pushing the envelope with that headline. Turns out, one of our How we Work businesses is a family firm that offers tax services, among many other the things.

And then, Tara and Max did a great On the Job With workers at Holy Name Cemetery, one of Jersey City’s largest burial grounds.

OK, so that was a stretch.

But one guy who courts death on a regular basis is famed rock climber Alex Honnold, who tested his truly terrifying talent on the Urby building. Read all about him in this issue.

As we head into fall and winter, the arts are in full swing. We have stories on a macramé artist, a board-game developer, and the new head of NJCU’s Center for the Arts.

Young women headline our sports roster, as we highlight high school athletes who won NCAA Division 1 scholarships for basketball and softball. You go, girls.

On a more somber note, one of the worst things for women suffering from cancer treatments is the loss of hair. Monique of the Mo ‘Hair Foundation to the rescue with custom wigs that help women feel more self-confident as they face this harrowing health challenge.

We took to the water for our How We Live feature in this issue. That handsome dude on the cover? That’s artist Hulbert Waldroup who lives on a houseboat at Liberty Harbor Marina.

Meanwhile, Jersey City continues to make national news.

Not only did Jersey City get a mention in the Netflix-streaming Biopic Chappaquiddick, but Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service vehicle crashed into a cross beam in a Jersey City parking garage when the 2016 presidential candidate was on her way to a fundraiser.


You’re better of settling in with JC Mag and a hot toddy.




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