Enjoyed Halloween on Broadway

To the Editor:

We’d like to thank all the stores and restaurants along Broadway for being so generous to the children on Halloween this year. They gave out quality candy, Milky Ways, Snickers, Reese’s, gummies, bags of chips, bracelets, and little toys to the kids. It was great seeing all the happy smiling faces and filled goody bags. And thanks to Johnny from Shop Smart for giving out drinks and Capri Sun juices to the kids and dressing up himself. And thanks to the yummy, yummy Chinese restaurant for once again giving out their delicious teriyaki chicken on a stick and fortune cookies to everyone.

And thanks to all the kids and adults who dressed up in such colorful, unique costumes and makeup. What a show of creativity in our town and talent at the costume contest.

And seeing my friend’s niece Belle sharing her candy with other kids was so heart warming. She’s so thoughtful at such a young age of ten.

Kids today look forward to Halloween once a year as I did growing up in Bayonne and the tradition continues with all our kids and grandkids. Us adults and families shop in all the stores and restaurants who participated and would like to thank them for stepping up for our kids.