Serve and Spike – Officials


QUESTION: In high school volleyball, besides the referees, are there any other officials assigned to a match?

ANSWER: The first referee (R1) and second referee (R2) are the main administrators of the match. Assistant officials, provided by the home team, include line judges, timer, scorer and libero tracker. Unless adopted by state association policy, line judges are assigned by home squad. A line judge from the home and visiting team may be assigned if conference / league rules allow. (Rule 5, Sec. 1, Art. 1).

QUESTION: Line judge signals ball lands “inbounds” near an endline. First referee (R1), up official on stand, observes the ball landing completely out of bounds. Can the (R1) make the final decision?

ANSWER: The first referee (R1) has the authority to make the final decision when there is a discrepancy; hence, ball is out of bounds with loss of rally and point awarded. (Rule 5, Sec. 4, Art. 3, a (3)).