Pee Wee results, Week 9


The Blue Devils defeated the Knicks, 33-19. Jordan Williams led his team to victory with 18 points while Nolan Raparelli followed behind with 13 points. Ethan porch scored 2 points of his own to add the final score for the Blue Devils. Brayden O’Connor finished the game with 12 points, Brooklyn Ralafat contributed 3 points, while Ryan O’Connor and Dennis Sanchez scored 2 points to add to the Knicks season ending score. Great season Knicks!

The Rams defeated the Hornets with a tight score of 15-14. Anthony Gonzalez led the Rams with 7 points trailed closely behind by Jeremiah Baskerville who scored 6 points. Sean Barfield contributed 2 points of his own to the Rams final score. Quinn Iszczyk finished the Hornets season ender with 8 points, James Riccio had 4 points, and Raiden Doherty add 2 points to his team’s final score. Great season Hornets!


The Hoyas defeated the Lakers, 30-14. Kylie Galano led her team with 12 points, Jenna Gaetani contributed 10 points, Genesis Velasquez scored 4 points, while Sienna Inzitari and Abigail Bissiotis added 2 points each to the Hoyas final score. Deanglice Williams was the Lakers lead scorer with 12 points followed by Avery Chrzanowski who put 2 points on the board.

The Rams defeated the Blue Devils, 24-6. Samara Porch led her team to victory with a whopping 22 points. Ireland Spiers added 2 points of her own to the Rams final score. Jada Stovall scored 4 points for the Blue Devils followed by Gia Logan who contributed 2 points to her team’s score.