We need ethics reform now more than ever

To the Editor:

We have all heard the news that First Ward City Councilman Tommy Cotter will be resigning to take a job with the city, the very same job he voted to give a hefty raise to just months before. The abuse of power is blatant and cannot be allowed to continue; we are in desperate need of ethics reforms in Bayonne.

We have been talking to voters all over town, and the response we get at our neighbors’ doorsteps has been overwhelmingly supportive of these reforms. This latest example—of a Councilman using his position to increase a city job’s salary and then taking that job for himself—illustrates the severity of the problem. We need to keep up the fight, and we can do it only with your help. So please tell your friends, neighbors, family members—anyone who cares about Bayonne to join us by signing up at bayonnecenter.org/take-action-change-bayonne-forever1/

Our strength is in numbers;  we need enough signatures to get ethics reforms on the ballot. We can do this together.

Founder, Bayonne Center for Progress