Secaucus Briefs

Mayor Michael Gonnelli and members of the town council kicked off the holiday at the Plaza section of town on Dec. 1.
Mayor Michael Gonnelli and members of the town council kicked off the holiday at the Plaza section of town on Dec. 1.

Secaucus ushers in holiday cheer

On Dec 1, Secaucus residents came together in the center of town for the annual tree lighting ceremony. A holiday parade from Huber Street School to the Plaza area kicked off the festivities. Students from Clarendon and Huber Street elementary schools spread holiday cheer with a chorus recital as residents took pictures with Santa and enjoyed hot chocolate, coffee and cookies. Mayor Michael Gonnelli and members of the Town Council were present. Celebrations culminated with a dazzling display of fireworks. Earlier that day, residents shopped at the holiday bazaar at the Secaucus Recreation Center, which included vendors, entertainment, raffles and prizes.

Secaucus also continued the tradition of the annual Menorah lighting at the Plaza. Residents, the mayor, members of the Town Council and Rabbi Kanelski participated.

Laurel Hill shuttle to train station discontinued

Citing lack of ridership, officials from the Town of Secaucus said that the shuttle services from the parking lot in Laurel Hill County Park to the Secaucus Junction train station will be discontinued.

“We were only getting five or six cars at the lot,” Mayor Michael Gonnelli said. “It wasn’t really worth the cost to keep the service in operation.”

Secaucus official warns of new scam

Councilman John Gerbasio said during the Nov. 27 Town Council meeting that some residents are being hit with a new phone scam.

Calls from a source that appears to be the Secaucus Police Department claimed a family member was in custody and the caller asked for money to be sent to have the person released.

Residents claim the calls came during a two-month period in October and November.

Police throughout the county are also warning residents about package thieves who may be stealing Christmas purchases being delivered from online merchants.

Pascrell assails ‘destructive’ postal report

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr., whose district includes Secaucus, blasted a new federal task force that would weaken the United States Postal Service.

“This task force is a vehicle to commit vandalism on our cherished Postal Service,” said the often outspoken Pascrell. “Its report actually endorses the artificial pension requirement Republicans tied around USPS’s neck in 2006 that requires USPS to prefund its employee pensions 75 years in advance, an unprecedented obligation that is slowly strangling USPS. “

Pascrell claims the task force would threaten the collective bargaining rights of unionized employees and reduce delivery days and service standards.

“It would also dilute the constitutional promise of universal service by threatening to increase costs for rural communities,” Pascrell said. “This report represents a slow-pincer movement towards privatizing America’s postal service.”