Not so gloom and doom on the horizon

Dear Editor:

There’s a Silver Lining up ahead.
OK, so the Dems Won the House. But, it may portend a good thing for President Trump and the malingers he more than once lifted up on his shoulders by their own party with his brand. I’m talking about the old goats and dinosaur career politicians in the GOP Escapade they call a “Party.” Not one finger did I see Mr. Ryan lift in helping the president as he ran around the country conducting nearly 40 or 50 rallies — with one thing on his mind: to win for the people of this country.

The way I see it . . .
Winning the house is a test for the Dems for 2020 POTUS and Congressional races.

Now, remember in 2008 Obama lost the House and the Senate and won POTUS in 2012. But the grand total of lost seats in his eight years was over 1,000 seats in state, local, and federal elections. The Dem’s conquest in November no way touched how voluminous was Obama’s loses; and it goes to show how far reaching President Trump’s power to retain his base still holds true. In many ways the Dems outspend the GOP in races throughout the country — what with the likes of billionaire donors like Stier, Soros, Bloomberg, et. al. elite wanna-be ruling class raptors. 

But I sense in a way it’s an omen that most likely can portend good for the GOP and the country in general. Because the Dems won the House, it places accountability and responsibility to do the “Right Thing”— now that America will be watching very closely who/what/when/ & where they voted for a majority in the House.

The special rub for the Dems lies in the fact that if they continue to “persecute” and try to “PROSECUTE” the President, as Rep. Schiff has already warned, well, We The People who are already up-to-here with the “Russian Collusion” and Mueller investigation — and also thoroughly fed up with all the Left’s Obstructionism — then if Schiff comes after Trump, I see an avalanche of voter reprisals and reversals for the Dems that will hurt them in 2020 for the presidential and congressional election — and I believe even beyond because they do not have a single charismatic candidate or platform that can entice the American people to vote for them to rule our nation.

But, the question remains, if the Left has figured out yet. I’m talking about their own “ ob” and “ lawless” damage control — be it, any reasonable and fair minded American would think that now they’d have to throw away “Banning ICE,” “Open Borders,” “Raising Taxes,” “Impeaching Trump,” and all the other radical left’s agenda of mob rule where all their energy went on Nov. 6, 2018.

Now they have to do the right thing in the House — because in 2020 they can very easily lose the both House and POTUS plus more seats in the Senate could vanish with the very real possibility of giving the GOP a super-majority.

A good thing may prevail, in that It leaves the door open for bipartisan deals — and Mr. Trump is the master dealmaker.

John Amato