An act of kindness

To the Editor:

I’d like to share my story. On a Saturday night, I went to ShopRite and I ran into a friend. We shopped and checked out together. She left her debit card at home, so she was gonna have to cancel her order. A stranger came over and asked her how much her order was. It was almost $15. The stranger said that she would pay for it and she did. We thanked her and I asked for her name. She said it was Felicia and she said God bless you. We were all amazed at her generosity. Our cashier said the best way to show your gratitude is to pay it forward.

I am writing this in hopes that Felicia will read this and to thank her again. I also write this to remind us all, in our busy, everyday lives, to perform an act of kindness, a good deed, or give of your time to help others, or even just compliment someone for the day. It does make a difference. It will make you feel good to do a kind deed and also brighten someone else’s day.