Hoboken is undergoing gradual but relentless gentrification

Dear Editor:
As a 37-year Hoboken resident who parks in a city-owned garage, I read with dismay the Nov. 20 Hoboken Reporter article reporting the Hoboken City Council passing parking rate increases at the city’s municipal garages: a 25 percent average jump, because the garages are β€œ30 percent below market rate.” Do city garages need to charge market rates? My senior neighbors living on fixed incomes will not easily absorb the sudden rise in cost. If raises are desired, why not make them gradual – based on an inflation index? The parking rate hike is another (tiny) step in a trajectory this town has taken over the last four decades: of gradual and relentless gentrification leading to ever greater displacement. Hoboken is inexorably moving towards β€œone percenter-only” status – now also pushing out the middle class (most of the working class and poor having been ejected already). Government policy, in small matters and large, can either accelerate or slow down Hoboken’s manifest progression towards economic stratification. My wish is that the City Council would always weigh the sociological costs when rendering decisions about this and many other matters concerning the future of Hoboken – taxation, zoning, housing, β€œsmart development” – unless it really is their wish to destroy any economic diversity we still have left in our city.

Martin Andersen