Bayonne has lost two great patriots

To the Editor:

It was extremely sad news that the City of Bayonne has lost two great patriots and public servants in the passing of Neil J. Carroll, Sr. and Frank Perrucci.

Both of these great men were veterans of the United States Military and served our country with honor and distinction.  Mr. Carroll served in the US Navy and Mr. Perrucci served in the US Army. Both men were involved in active duty during both World War II and Korea. Both received commendations and valor awards and we owe both gratitude and admiration.

Upon discharge from the service both men were active in their communities, their church and worked for the betterment of the people of Bayonne and Hudson County as a whole. Their families were their soul and inspiration and their children and spouses continue to work for the betterment of the great City of Bayonne.

I certainly consider myself honored to have known both Mr. Carroll and Mr. Perrucci and I strive in my life to attempt to live up to their highest standards of integrity, honesty and public service.

May our Lord bless their souls and their families.

Councilmember At Large