Care for Mothers and Babies

Dear Editor:

The cost and eligibility of healthcare for mothers and babies produces complications when attempting to receive access to healthcare. Women in the United States are suffering from maternal morbidity due to the lack of proper healthcare. The Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act was introduced in order to amend Title XI of the Social Security Act. The purpose of the bill is to provide research and information regarding proper quality care for mothers and children. I am reaching out to all men and women, to advocate for one another and support quality healthcare for mothers and children.

This issue is important because it has an effect on women and children who are unable to receive quality health care. Access to healthcare is important because it assists in maintaining their health, reduces premature death and unnecessary disabilities, and manages and prevents disease. My hope is that no matter what you believe in, passing bills such as Quality Care for Moms and Babies, will allow research and access to quality healthcare for mothers and babies.

Ashley Pirosseno