Pass the HR1 Anti-corruption and Election-Protection Bill

Dear Editor:

Representative Albio Sires, I’m writing as a constituent about HR1, the anti-corruption and election-protection bill the House is considering.

The American people overwhelmingly demanded change through our votes this fall. We want a government that works for all of us, gives us all a say and puts our needs ahead of special interests. We are also done with the corruption. It’s sickening, and we flipped 40 seats to say “No More.”

Now, it’s up to Congress to take action. As my representative, I want you to support the For The People Act (H.R. 1) and make sure it’s a bold, comprehensive package of democracy reforms including: independent redistricting commissions, citizen-funded elections, closing the revolving door between government and corporate interests, and protecting voters against discrimination. Also, anything you can do to fight the overwhelming corruption in our government would be amazing!

Also, please demand Trump’s tax returns. That’s just an extra task, but a critical one. No more secrets when it comes to the most powerful man in the land. Thanks!

Wendra Raley-Gonzalez