New Jersey is fortunate to have Gov. Murphy

Dear Editor:

This writer has been involved in an official capacity for the past fifty years in the area of human services. However this letter is being submitted as a private citizen of the State of New Jersey.

We in this state are fortunate to have at its helm Governor Phil Murphy. The State of the State Address delivered by the governor is certainly a deep refreshing contrast to the past regime in power. This message was filled with hope and aspirations for our state for all people from the very young to our most senior resident.

There were so many positives in the presentation, such as gun safety, minimum wage, college education free up to the associates degree, transportation, public employees, opioid crisis, and onward.

In the area of human services the Murphy Administration has expanded access to needed services, including but not limited to child care, food assistance for college students, increase of the assistance grants to needy families and individuals, assistance to older residents and persons with disabilities, increased access to life-saving hepatitis C benefits, diabetes prevention programs, smoking cessation, improved treatment for opioid use disorder, support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, engaging community participation and the fight to protect the most needed health care programs.

We in this state are most fortunate for the vision, professionalism but most of all the human kindness of Governor Phil Murphy.

Robert B. Knapp