Celebrating 60 with “Second Day Cake”

Hoboken resident and businesswoman Kate Jacobs releases sixth album

Kate Jacobs, a Hoboken resident since 1981 and co-owner of Little City Books, has released her sixth record album. She describes “Second Day Cake” as a 60th birthday present to herself, and gave the album its debut at a show at Little City Books on Jan. 11.

“It just seems like people do extravagant and expensive things to celebrate those milestone birthdays, so I thought this could be a way for me to celebrate, but in an inventive and creative way,” she said.

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Making music

Jacobs said she has always been a creative person. Making music was just a natural progression for her.

“I’ve always liked all kinds of creative things that I haven’t pursued on any kind of professional levels like sewing, cooking, gardening, and painting. I like making things, and music is part of that same vein.”

Of her music, she said she is inspired by domestic life, but would not call her songs autobiographical.

“They have always been some kind of storytelling,” she said.

Musically she said she is influenced by country greats like Dolly Parton. She likes songwriters because their storytelling has always “hit close to home.”

The album

She said “Second Day Cake,” released by East Central One, was several years in the making. She said that’s usually the case with most of her albums.

“I think it just seems to go with life, partly because I have no particular reason or pressure make a record not,” said Jacobs. “I am not doing it for a living, I just kind of work on it here and there. It’s the journey, as they say, rather than ‘I have to get this done’.”

According to Jacobs the album title comes from a common family phrase.

“We would always notice that cake is better the second day. As exciting as birthday cake is at the party, it usually tastes better the second day.”

She said she really enjoys collaborating with other people as she did on her latest album.

“Songwriting is a wonderful excuse to do that, just the process more than the final result, which is the main pleasure for me,” said Jacobs.

This album features Dave Schramm, Paul Moschella and James MacMillan, Edward Horan, Jenny Maynard, a Hudson School senior, a jazz trio from Dublin (where she recorded some of her songs), and more.

She said the record draws inspiration from a lot of music she listed to in her youth, including American standards, jazz, and standards from the ’30s and ’40s.

Her favorite song on the album is titled “St. Marks Bar,” which was inspired by New York City’s East Village in the 1980s.

“The ’80s have been so much in news and culture these days, and even in music and fashion these past few years its been having a moment,” said Jacobs. “It’s made me think about what it was like back then, being in the thick of it, and I fabricated this story about that time. I’ve been getting a good response from it. It’s been very positive.”

The album can be purchased at Little City Books on the corner of First and Bloomfield street. Links to individual tracks will be available for purchase online in the coming weeks.

For more information about where to purchase an album contact Little City Books at 201-626-7323.

Marilyn Baer can be reached at Marilynb@hudsonreporter.com or comment online at hudsonreporter.com



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