On ICE and illegal visitors

To the Editor:

I would like to commend you on the “ICE” article in the issue dated January 3, 2019. It was fair, pointing out that ICE focuses on apprehending on illegal visitors (I will not use the linguistically invalid term “undocumented immigrants”) with criminal records. I still find it deplorable that politicians like Mayor Fulop of Jersey City will not allow city law enforcement to cooperate with ICE, which will result in subjecting Jersey City and possibly Bayonne citizens to be victimized by criminal illegal visitors.

It is of utmost importance that we discuss at this point the current immigration stalemate in Congress. It is an age old practice that people migrate to foreign territories to escape due prosecution for their criminal acts in their homelands. We have historical data documenting this practice by Europeans escaping criminal prosecution by migrating to the European colonies here in America and later into the United States after its founding. This is why Congress immediately established immigration policies and means of vetting immigrants after the founding of our country. When one of our parties publicly and therefore internationally declares that it wants an open border with un-vetted migration into our country we attract criminal migrants that come here to escape due prosecution in their homelands for their criminal acts. And Al Sullivan’s article about ICE arrests confirmed this.

One must therefore ask why would the Democrats want a border with gaps in the barrier along the US-Mexican border? Destitute, unskilled, uneducated migrants are estimated to be Democrat voters once they receive voting rights. And this is why Democrats want to expand voting rights to incarcerated criminals who, as part of their incarceration, have temporarily lost their civil rights, this is part of the punishment of incarceration, they also want to expand voting rights to anyone who holds a US driver’s license regardless of their citizen status. So by flooding our country with destitute, unskilled, uneducated migrants, for whom we do not have enough jobs, which means that they will depend on government programs that will increase our tax burden, the Democrats can lock in their absolute power in the office of the President and both Houses of Congress for many decades to come. How can millions of destitute, unskilled, uneducated and unemployed immigrants dependent on government payments be good for our country? I do not see the logic in that.

We need a solid barrier along the US-Mexican border and strong law enforcement of our immigration laws to keep our society economically and socially healthy and prosperous. The current government shut down can be solved tomorrow if Pelosi/Schumer agree to negotiate. President Trump has presented several solution for “DACA” amnesty, yet the Democrats will not negotiate and insist on an absolute NO to an uninterrupted barrier along the US-Mexican border.

The ICE article in the paper was a good example of journalism that wants to present the truth. I hope this paper has the courage to continue on this path.