Student arrested for bringing gun to school

A gun was found in a book bag at PS. 38 in Jersey City.

On Feb. 6, a gun was found in a student’s book bag at the James F. Murray School – PS No. 38 on Stegman Parkway in Jersey City.

According to school officials, a parent informed the school of the concern; the school notified police and located the weapon.

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The eighth-grade student was immediately taken into custody and arrested.
According to a spokesperson for the district, security and school administration determined that the school was completely safe; the school continued with regular activities.

At the time of the arrest, the school was hosting its Career Day, which included police officers and firefighters.

The school had already scheduled early dismissal because of parent conferences in the afternoon.  Students were dismissed at 12:45 in keeping with the regularly-scheduled early dismissal.

“Franklin Walker, who is carrying out the day-to-day duties of the Chief School Administrator, called me at 10:49 a.m. to update me about the retrieval of a loaded gun in the school and the details surrounding this incident,” said School Board President Sudhan Thomas. “Mr. Walker is in charge of the situation. We are committed to safety, and school staff responded instantly when a concern was raised.  We thank those who informed the school of what they had heard, so that it could be addressed with little disruption to the school day.”