Shame on you, Nadrowski!

To the Editor:

In the January 24 article, “Another Tax Abatement…” Ms. Nadrowski made a statement that was ignorant, insensitive, and abusive to the tax-paying voters of Bayonne. In response to the debate over how tax abatements to developers affect the school district, and in direct relation to the tax payers she said: “Whatever the board of education asks for, we give it. Even if it means we have to raise taxes.”

I am all for progress and development, but I found her approach to be a direct insult to all taxpayers, especially given the plethora of development already taking place all across Bayonne. Two inappropriately-sized pair of 22-story towers here in Bergen Point? Seriously!? Bayonne seems to be stuck with repeat-politicians catering to developers, and not Civil Servants who are supposed to work for the benefit of the people. This administration needs to realize that they were voted (and not by all of us) into their positions in City Hall. Anger the residents enough and we have to power to vote you out. The residents of Bayonne have had many administrations before this one, and we will have many more after. Do not mistreat us! You are temporary.

Residents of Bayonne: How will you feel when you get the whopping property tax re-evaluation that happened in Jersey City? People’s taxes went up so high in many cases that old-time residents had to sell their homes because they could not afford the taxes. I have worked in Hamilton Park in JC for 10 years and my best friend is a realtor taking the listings, we see it! There are a lot of now-financially distressed residents! This can, and probably will, happen in Bayonne when City Hall keeps giving away the cow to developers and you are stuck paying for school milk. It’s just not fair or responsible government.

Bayonne residents need to stand up and tell City Hall to cut the crap. Get the damned money from the developers to fund our schools and leave our property taxes alone.

Wake up, Nadrowski! Bayonne residents are not your cash-cow!