Let’s maintain rational thought

Dear Editor:

I find it very troublesome how our children are frightened and brainwashed by our educational system into believing that we are actually destroying our climate with “industrial” carbon emissions. Even though President Obama wrongfully and arrogantly declared that climate change due to carbon emissions is established science, in fact it is not, there is a multitude of scientists around the world that dispute this theory.

Let us recap the composition of our atmosphere: 78% Nitrogen, 21 % Oxygen and the last 1% is a composition of miscellaneous gases. One of these miscellaneous trace gases is Carbon Dioxide at about 0.4% according to the latest measurements. It is said that about 100 years ago Carbon Dioxide measured at 0.2 to 0.24%. Considering that 100 years ago our instruments were much more primitive and rudimentary than today they most likely would have under-measured extremely small trace gases in our atmosphere, the true value was probably closer to 0.3%. So Carbon Dioxide did not double since 1900, it only increased by 50%. I can hear people say the even 50% is a very high value. However a 50% increase of a minute trace gas is still a minute trace gas! The Carbon Dioxide threat is being visualized on a minute scale from 0% to 0.5 %. Of course, when you magnify such a tiny range you can easily display a “hockey stick” curve. When you display Carbon Dioxide on a real scale of 0% to 100% Carbon Dioxide is a line hugging the bottom of this scale without any visible change over the past 50 years. That is the true reality! Our earth is about 1.5 billion years old. There are scientists that have researched our atmospheric development over millions of years by analyzing fossilized bio-matter and minerals. During the Jurassic Age, 300 million years ago when dinosaurs were 10 times the size of Elephants, Ferns growing 2 – 3 stories high, etc., Carbon Dioxide concentration calculated at 4% according the fossil analyses. Therefore these scientist actually declare that, for the pas 3 million years, our atmosphere has been Carbon Dioxide deprived. If Carbon Dioxide concentration falls below 0.15% all plant life will die. But this research and scientific opinion is being oppressed by our press and educational system. It is also scientifically and historically documented that our climate is subject to a 500 year warming and cooling cycle. The current warming we are measuring falls precisely in the next natural warming cycle. Thus, this “Green Deal” is totally unnecessary and will bring about nothing but economic collapse.

I sincerely urge my Bayonne neighbors to examine critically what is being sold to us as science by our press and our left liberal socialist politicians. We must maintain rational thought and abolish emotional thought. God Bless America!