Law requiring candidates to disclose tax returns is a bad idea

Dear Editor:
I am against the proposed bill (S119/A1230) requiring any candidate to show their income tax in order to be placed on New Jersey’s ballot. This proposed law aimed at President Trump is really the result of federal legislators writing laws giving tax incentives to millionaires and billionaires.
It is the same mentality used by New Jersey legislators. They are guilty of the same thing – writing state laws giving tax breaks to developers. It is the reason the local public school was robbed of their funding because Jersey City used these state laws. Maybe, it is time to clean up these laws instead of using targeted legislation to go after a candidate. After all, President Trump probably pays less taxes due to these incentives, why would a businessman ignore these laws that our legislators created?
This proposed law has the onerous smell of the old poll tax that prevented black voters from casting their ballots in the south; the updated version prevents Trump’s supporters from doing the same thing in New Jersey. They are being denied their constitution right to cast their ballot for president. When did voters give their free will over to the state legislators and told them to think for us? When did we say the legislators can pick who goes on the ballot?
There is something un-American about writing legislation to target your opponent, this is something the former Soviet Union would do. As a granddaughter of a suffragette, I find this quite appalling and an abuse of power. This opens the door of writing legislation against Democrats when Republicans are in power in Trenton.   
Yvonne Balcer