Easterseals opens in Hoboken


In a ribbon cutting on Wednesday,  March 20, Mayor Ravi Bhalla, Councilwoman Emily Jabbour, and CEO of Easterseals New Jersey  Brian Fitzgerald opened Easterseals’ new Hoboken location.

Easterseals, a nonprofit organization offering supportive services to at-risk populations, is now open in the Harlow building at 1335 Clinton St. in uptown Hoboken with the support of the City and Hoboken’s Homeless Task Force.

“As elected officials, we have an obligation to lend a helping hand to at-risk populations,” said Bhalla.  “I’m very pleased that Easterseals has worked with our Homelessness Task Force to open up a new location here in our City.  This new location will help ensure our seniors and those with disabilities have job training and employment opportunities so they too can succeed.”

“Easterseals believes everyone has an inalienable right to live life the way they envision it,” said  Fitzgerald. “We believe employment is crucial to an individual’s livelihood and well being and are very happy and proud to be able to expand our employment services to this area.”

Hoboken’s Homelessness Task Force was initiated by Bhalla and the city last year, with the aim of compassionately addressing homelessness in Hoboken.

The opening of Easterseals is part of the task force’s “prevention” strategy of offering services to at-risk communities.

At the Hoboken Easterseals location, trained staff offer services including Easterseals Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), a work-based program for seniors, and the Supported Employment (SE) program, which offers job training and employment for people with disabilities.

Each program will use the Hoboken site for administrative tasks and meetings with program participants in order to help them achieve their employment goals.

The Hoboken location is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For information regarding Easterseals New Jersey and its statewide disability services, contact 732-257-6662 or visit www.eastersealsnj.org or www.facebook.com/eastersealsnj.