Trump does more than any world leader to save Christian lives


To the Editor:

What you will never hear on any side of the media is the fact that President Trump has directly intervened in Nigeria where Boko Haram terrorists have massacred over 37,000 people in the last 10 years, kidnapped thousands more, and have been responsible for displacing over 2 million people, the vast majority of them being Christians, including hundreds of kidnapped young women.
But when Trump met with Nigerian President Muhammad Bohari in the Oval Office in April, 2018, among many priorities talked about, Trump didn’t mince words, he told the Nigerian president that, “We’ve got a problem with Christians who have been killed in Nigeria,” then he said inches from Bohari, “We can’t allow that to happen.”
That meeting led to immediate results when Bohari ordered the Nigerian government to move troops into a specific vulnerable area and, in turn, attacks on Christians immediately diminished.
In stark contrast, we have another world leader–in fact a religious leader of highest order–Pope Francis who could use his Vatican position and leader of the Catholic religion to indeed stop Christian killings in the world. The time the pope did speak about it was in Jan. 2015 when Pope Francis spoke about the need for global Christian unity in the face of sectarian attacks, he said, “They are Christians and for that the are persecuted. This, brothers and sisters, is ecumenism of blood.”
Since 2015 when the Pope made his last statement of the death of Christians, he has focused more on the plight of the world’s swelling refugee and immigration population, and the importance of being a good steward of the natural environment.

John Amato