The Wall and Socialism

To the Editor:

Mr. John Di Genio compared the border barrier between the US and Mexico with the Berlin Wall. This is an insult and defamation to every German who was shot to death at the Berlin Wall. I am German; born in 1954 in East Berlin, my family was lucky to escape in 1957 before the Wall was built and after my father had been incarcerated for political reasons. The Berlin Wall and the intra-German border was lined with guard posts that had the order to shoot to kill. How dare anyone compare our southern border with the intra-German border. I would like to ask Mr. Di Genio how would he finance housing, feeding and educating the millions of migrants that cross the southern border every year. We no longer build railroads with thousands of men manually driving nails into railroad ties. Today American workers operate robots that have to be programmed or calibrated for their specific tasks. The need for unskilled labor is getting smaller and smaller. This is why we have to slow the flood of unskilled laborers into our country.

I have never read such an ignorant letter as that written by Mr. Epstein. What Mr. Epstein describes as “True Socialism” is actually Communism. Socialism is expressed in many forms. But all forms of Socialism have one thing in common: 1. The belief that poverty is exclusively a product of exploitation, that only because we have “super rich” do we have poverty. That is a total fallacy. 2. The belief that there is social justice. Social justice is something different in each and every one’s viewpoint and therefore cannot be defined. 3. Whenever Democrat Socialism or what Mr. Epstein likes to call “socially responsible capitalism” took hold, countries went bankrupt. This happened to Great Britain in the 1970’s just before Margaret Thatcher was elected. It happened to New Zealand in the 1980’s. The entire country of Sweden went bankrupt in the late 1990’s. Look at what happened under the Peronists in Argentina, what happened in Brazil under Lula and what happened in Venezuela under Chaves and Maduro. Socialism is about the belief that the inherent nature of the human being is self-centered and evil and therefore we need a strong government to set things “right.” Sounds familiar? It is the same thing that the medieval church claimed. But who is to dictate what is right in terms of governmental control and regulation? This is why even democrat socialism ends up in a form of totalitarianism – just ask any Swede before the 1990 failure of the Swedish State. You can easily see by the arguments of “left liberal progressives” that their primary motivation is jealousy and envy which always leads to hatred. Beware!

Alexander Schenk