Proposed Power Plant. No!

Dear Editor,

A new fracked gas power plant has been proposed in the North Bergen Meadowlands to deliver electricity to New York City. But what about the public health, environmental, and climate change impacts?

“North Bergen Liberty Generating station’s estimated 2.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions would be one of the top single greenhouse gas producers in the Garden State,” according to reporting in

So we would contribute to greenhouse gases and run risks to our health. We would endanger wildlife that has been repopulating the Meadowlands. At the same time, world scientists insist we ban fossil fuels in order to avert climate disaster.

So why would we put our health and our planet on the line when we know better? Because of corporate propaganda and for tax profits. This is the wrong choice, and we would pay for it with compromised lungs and climate chaos.

Call Senator Sacco and urge him to retract permission to build.

Janet Glass