Unhealthy politics in NJ

Dear Editor:

Why would NJ Governor Murphy, who campaigned for 100 percent clean energy by 2050, support the construction of a huge, dirty, fracked gas power plant, in a North Bergen flood zone (bordering on Bergen County), 1 mile from another gas power plant, in the country’s biggest and densest population center, an area that already receives an “F” grade for pollution from the American Lung Association?

This privately owned NJ power plant would not generate any electricity for NJ; the company intends to sell it ALL to NY for profit.

NY and NJ utility companies and both private and public studies have not shown a need for this electricity, even after the Indian Point (NY) nuclear reactor is shut down.

NY regulations don’t permit the construction of fracked gas power plants, but North Bergen mayor and state senator Sacco is all for it, citing the revenue and the many short-term construction jobs it will bring to his town.

The power plant would create many construction jobs (as would any construction), but after 1-2 years, it would only employ about 30 people to run it.

North Bergen would be the only town to benefit financially, while the entire region’s residents, wildlife and environment will suffer the consequences of the poisons emitted from the smokestacks and dumped into the waters.

Towns in the area will risk dealing with operational catastrophes.

North Bergen could better boost its revenues by reversing its bad habit of giving wealthy real estate developers unneeded PILOT tax breaks to develop rare, vacant pieces of land such as on these 15 acres. This land could permanently employ many more people without being a menace to health and the environment.

Approximately 50 towns in neighboring Bergen County have passed resolutions condemning the proposed power plant.

Hudson County Executive Tom Degise prides himself on being a big supporter of clean energy; why hasn’t he, or a single town in Hudson County passed a resolution against it?

More information: http://nomeadowlandspowerplant.com

Email Governor Murphy: Constituent.Relations@nj.gov

Submitted by,
Robert Walden