On the cusp of Earth Day – Stop plastic pollution

Dear Editor:

Not enough attention is being paid to how many problems plastic straws cause in our environment. Many people don’t even realize that it is a hazard to the precious sea creatures that we need to protect.

There is probably more plastic in the ocean than fish in the ocean. Plastic takes hundreds and hundreds of years to decompose, that is why we need immediate action. There have been instances of straws being stuck inside turtles’ nostrils; some sea animals eat the plastic thinking its food. For example: some sea creatures like to eat jellyfish and under the water a plastic bag can look like a jellyfish to them or other type of foods that they eat.

Instead of using straws, restaurants and even you can stop using plastic straws and use alternatives; glass straws, stainless steel straws, bamboo straws, and edible straws. Aardvark Straws are paper straws strong enough not to fall apart in your drink and made from 100 percent renewable resources and are compostible. Stop the plastic pollution, stop using plastic straws!

Christian Brown