On the cusp of Earth Day – Stop plastic pollution

Dear Editor:

Plastic Pollution is a great concern to our environment. Plastic has very sturdy makeup, difficult to break down and it is not biodegradable. It is derived from petroleum, a fossil fuel which already contributes to air pollution. In addition, plastic is a great contributor to land pollution.

Plastic accounts for about 50 percent of waste created in America, that doesn’t get disposed of it properly. The disposal of plastics doesn’t get recycled properly. Plastic pollution ultimately ends up on the ground, tossed with regular garbage or carried off by wind and water. This is a serious problem to our society.

Studies from around the world have not shown which countries or demographic groups are the greatest contributors, but the cause and effects of plastic are damaging. Plastic pollution affects our oceans, land, marine life, ecosystems and most importantly our entire globe. Most plastics end up in our water-ways. Plastic pollution is killing marine life through entanglement and ingestion. Sometimes the marine life confuses plastics for food.

To solve the problem, with your help, we can advertise the dangers of plastic pollution in our neighborhoods. Creating preventive plastic pollution programs is necessary for our own well-being. Implementing fines by local governments is also a deterrence.

I hope that everyone already lives in a clean, healthy and sustainable environment but you also need to do your part, so all these efforts can be multiplied throughout New Jersey. I, for sure, would love to work with you to engage your community on the fight against plastic pollution!

Jessica Brown-Coleman