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Refugees proclaimed welcome by Stevens student government


The Student Government Association at Stevens Institute of Technology passed a proclamation this week declaring that Stevens Institute of Technology welcomes refugees.

The resolution states, “The 106th Senate of the Student Government Association and students of Stevens Institute of Technology welcome refugees and declare their support for the resettlement of refugees no matter their religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, or country of origin, in Hudson County and call upon other New Jersey communities to join them in supporting a stronger national effort to resettle the world’s most vulnerable refugees.”

The Church World Service and other resettlement organizations have settled more than 5,000 refugees in New Jersey since 2007 from more than 25 countries, including Sudan, Iraq, Burma, and Somalia.

Nasir Montalvo, the SGA Senator who proposed the Proclamation, said: “Places of higher education have a responsibility to its students to protect them and provide them with the tools necessary to succeed. That being said, I think this proclamation is an important step for Stevens to become a more inclusive community for all, and to stand with their community members who are refugees. I can only hope now that after the document makes it way through upper level administration, Stevens will take concrete actions to support the refugee community’s rights.”

As of April 15, 46 Refugees Welcome Proclamations have been passed by a state government, county governments, city councils, mayoral offices, and college and high school student governments.

“All of us can play a role by letting our elected officials in the city hall, state house and Congress know that we care about helping others. We want our leaders to support laws that help refugee families who have nowhere else to turn by welcoming them as neighbors,” said Ashley Houghton, tactical campaign manager at Amnesty International USA.


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