It’s a simple fix

To the Editor:

I once again write to the City of Bayonne to just put a fence around the newly relocated A&P cats’ enclosure to keep them safe. I am a resident born and bred in Bayonne and this has been going on and on for 40+ years. It’s a simple fix: just build an animal shelter. We are being taxed for everything else but the one thing that we have been begging for for over forty years has been ignored year after year because it doesn’t generate revenue. It’s not always about revenue. It takes a prefabricated roof, four walls and a tiny lot. Why is that so difficult? Trainees from vet schools, volunteers from the three 501c3 groups that Bayonne already has in place, a free volunteer monthly spay/neuter mobile unit in lot for residents can make it happen. The High School can offer the seniors extra credit for volunteering while teaching compassion and giving an option of veterinary school careers. Award our own contract to our town and have a senior vet oversee the procedures. Elderly volunteers will feel good about contributing to the benefit of their town. You already have three experienced non profit organizations here in town. Use them!

It amazes me how in only a few weeks time, we can see many high rises built with hundreds of units and corporations and cruise ports all around town but stop short on a prefab shelter to help homeless animals. We are a peninsula where parts are built on a landfill. Those animals have kept rodents in check for years yet are still treated inhumanely by this town. There are many constituents that are sickened by the way these cats are treated. They are not an inconvenience. The shelter will cost little for this city to maintain. There are grants and donations that can help. Birds do not cost this city anything so it’s easy to side with something that will just fly away. They are not going away and neither are we.

If you want to update this town, realize this: the career oriented crowds that you want to attract bring cats and dogs and other pets with them. They need an in town No Kill shelter. They are paying the prices for the units that you charge them. Give something in return.

I don’t have any kids but I do have many nephews, nieces and greats. Mostly all my paid taxes go toward schools for residents with three or more children and yet it’s still not enough. I’m not complaining but, as a taxpayer, I do want to see some of my hard earned dollars go towards something that I care about and will fight for.

Sell those bronze statues defecated on by birds. Those were not as necessary as a No Kill shelter. Build the No Kill Shelter for Bayonne and stop pitting cat and bird people against one another. We should be in this together. Build that shelter. Build that fence. Please give back a little.

Debra Elliot