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FDR’S New Deal VS. AOC’S New Green Deal

To the Editor:

FDR’s “New Deal” had frankly asked for sacrifice and hard work from my parents, average Americans in the 30s and the 40s – because it was clear that whatever the government did had to be met by the responsibility of the citizens. But Roosevelt was seeking prosperity, not redemption, nor political divide — but to restore a post-depression and war-worn nation.

Fast Forward to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s generation and the “New Green Deal” where suddenly her view of American society no longer has the “moral authority” to enforce a single “responsibility” to work for a living, to educate oneself for a life-career, to pay one’s way through life, to be civil, to unite a divided nation, or to obey the rules and law of order — all to benefit America and All Americans; because in Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s progressive ideology “responsibility” is an unfair tool of “oppression” applied by privileged white America: the new morality of the Radical Left means you cannot be expected to be fully responsible for pulling yourself up — but must call for a “redistribution” plan of responsibility from white America to assume considerable reparations and added responsibility to work for and advance the oppressed “Victims” who cannot be blamed for “Failing” under the standards of the privileged class.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” calls for Medicare for all, free tuition for college students, elimination of all gas-burning vehicles, millennial college debts paid off by the government, free pre-K schooling and day care, guaranteed jobs for all, a guaranteed living wage, reduction of cow flatulence (Huh?), repeal of the Reagan and Trump tax cuts, a re-raising of the corporate rate and a return of the top rate for individuals to 70 percent, and new wealth taxes on the rich. [BTW, we are seeing the destruction of many species of birds like the Bald Eagle and others when they fly near “Wind Mills”]

And with climate change seen as an existential planetary peril, fossil fuel-powered energy plants — coal, oil, natural gas — would be phased out and a new national reliance on solar and wind begun — all costing us over $90 Trillion to implement in the next 3 years–a sure road to bankruptcy and rationing of health insurance as in the UK where the elderly are denied proper care (seniors who need cataract operations — many of whom have gone blind waiting in the back of the line — )

There would be reparations for slavery, abortion on demand right up to birth for all women, marijuana would be legalized — and the list of “progressive” liberal policies would see the light of day; but unlike FDR’s New Deal, modern-day “Progressive” ideas like Ms. Cortez do not mean or intend to produce “Progress”–but exactly the opposite–if not checked by the electorate.

John Amato

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