Our Visionaries

Dear Editor:

Much of Hoboken was a dungeon fifty plus years ago. It became a Phoenix and in time a mirrored image in the shadow of the city across the river. Now in this century it is an upscale Professional Metropolis that is yet evolving and will continue so as our own shadows are cast.

Our river, the mighty Hudson, was full of blackened ducks, PCB’s and aged wooden pilings with an occasional garbage barge or tugboat passing. In the now when I hear the mournful sounds of the returning cruise ships I remember that there was nothing on our shoreline. It is now an active Gold Coast and is walkable and useful for exercise for the new residents as well as our upscaled river walk and parks.

Along with the changes that became necessary were our sewers and roads, water pipes and politics and entire entities to address the never ending flooding issues. The Army Corps of Engineers has a 262 page report composed of the information of other countries worldwide to possibly solve and perhaps be the next item on the agenda of the new professional Hoboken.

There have been only a few futuristic visionaries who have tirelessly worked over time to accomplish our better Hoboken. One family stands alone at the top of the line.It began with a man named Walter Barry who could envision better housing for our arriving immigrants from many countries, including Spanish speaking citizens.

Our updating and renovating has continued as genes were passed down to the rest of his family who are still connected to the never ending improvements of our Hoboken. Alongside the Barry family was an enterprising young man who assisted on numerous issues. His name is Raul Morales.

There is always more on the horizon..and as some of us older citizens are facing more of the sunset than the sunrise perhaps our newest citizens might recognize some history from us.

Margaret O’Brien Senior Citizen