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Chinese fentanyl is poisoning America

Dear Editor:
Did anyone watch last night’s 60 Minutes? Well, if you missed it, it showed how the Chinese government is killing our youth without firing a shot by selling fentanyl through the internet and then shipping it though the U.S. Postal Service. It is appalling that any American Corporation, i.e. Apple, Microsoft, etc.. would engage in any type of business dealings with the Republic of China, when they are intentionally killing and poisoning our youth with their mass influx of Chinese made fentanyl. How many families have suffered from this crisis?

This is the gratitude we receive for making them a world power. The “new global order” that Bush 41 to Obama envisioned was to look the other way, while the Chinese grew richer by emptying our steel mills, manufacturing base, pharmaceuticals, etc.. This naïve vision hurt the middle class by exporting jobs at the expense of the American people.

In return, they have given us contaminated blood pressure medication, toxic pet food, toxic toys, poisonous sheetrock, etc.. Those American corporations who fall prey to cheap Chinese labor are deluding themselves. China demands intellectually property and innovation from corporations, so they can replicate the process, so they can sell it themselves to their countrymen. It is cheaper for them to steal. Nothing happens in that communist country without the consent and knowledge of President for life Chairman XI.

It is time to draw the line, when one country is purposely addicting our nation to opioids, in their quest to be the number one super power, it is time for American Corporations to walk away and boycott Chinese made products.

Helen Nicpon

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