Protect against mass migrations

To the Editor:

I read with great distress Mr. Di Genio’s letter to the Editor “The Mexican Wall.” Mr. Di Genio does not know me, yet he states that I migrated from West Germany to the US to build a better life. I came here in 1981. I would have had the same economic comfort in West Germany that I experienced here. I left Germany to move away and leave behind exactly the hatred that Mr. Di Genio expressed in his letter. The German/German Death Fence and Berlin Wall was not built to protect East Germany from Fascist Agitators. By the end of 1959 so many East Germans migrated to West Germany that it became an embarrassment to the Soviet Bloc. They had no choice but to build that Intra-German Wall to keep their population in. But they did not have to make it a death wall, but they did. I found the article that claims that 5,000 people escaped from East to West Germany between 1961 and 1989. The numbers were not substantiated, no annual statistics were presented. The number 5,000 might actually include the seniors that were allowed to leave East Germany for the West. Seniors were an unproductive liability to the Communists and therefore undesirable and free to leave. Most seniors felt too old to make that change and stayed. Mr. Di Genio did not mention, of course, that 1,010 people were murdered at the German/German Wall during this time period.

The statement that we are building the Mexican Wall to separate the “Gringos” and the “Latinos” is merely his belief! I do not think in such racial terms. We simply cannot sustain 100,000 asylum seekers per month, that is 1.2 million per year. There simply is no capacity to process that many asylum applications. And even if we were to simply rubber stamp each application, the problem still exist how we would house, feed and employ all these people. We need to seal this border to protect our county from collapsing under the weight of this mass migration. History, and I mean true historical facts, not Social Science, which is just a belief system, and ideology, is full of examples of nations collapsing under the weight of mass migrations. This phenomenon is thousands of years old in Europe. And to call me an uncaring, pompous hypocrite is typical hate speech of left liberal socialists. I guess the left is bringing the medieval inquisition back – who does not think like them will be demonized and socially destroyed.

May God bless the American people to find the insight to turn their backs on left liberal socialism. May God Bless America.

Alexander Schenk