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Jack Moran, son of Catherine and Ed Moran, brother of Molly, has been selected as the outstanding Catholic School graduate from All Saints Catholic Academy, Class of 2019. Jack has also been awarded the Gerald V. Sheehan scholarship at St. Peter’s Prep, a full tuition scholarship for all four years at Prep. Jack also participated in the Marist Writing Seminar, Marist MedQuest Program, Marist Scholastic Olympics and the recent Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee. Outside school activities include basketball, flag football, track, flag rugby and ballroom dancing. At All Saints catholic academy, Jack serves as the Panther, the school mascot, for this academic year. He is a member of the spirit club, the safety patrol, and the first place science team for the Science Fair in 2016. Jack finds time to volunteer his services from September – November 2018 as the assistant coach for Pee Wee league basketball at All Saints Catholic Academy. He runs drill with the girls team grades 1-4 and sets up the team bench and equipment.

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