The Special Counsel Report

Dear Editor:

It is unbelievable that you have a federal agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, that was so consumed with power and arrogance, willing to invoke the 25th Amendment and unseat a duly elected president and undo the election of 2016 solely based on an unsubstantiated claim of Russian collusion brought forth by the opposing party.

The American people elect presidents, we don’t overthrow the people’s will just because our candidate didn’t win. Are we a banana republic? Where is the outrage? Acting Director Andrew McCabe and other unelected FBI officials attempted to retaliate for the firing of Director Comey by deciding to promulgate deception and lying by willfully orchestrating a whisper campaign that the president might be a Russian puppet.

This propaganda campaign was initiated to intentionally put seeds of doubt and mistrust in the president’s integrity and destroy his presidency before it even got started. This personal vendetta to “get even” was also promulgated through the media, namely, CNN and MSNBC, news channels that had the false narrative of the Russian-Trump connections running 24/7. When the media is no longer a trusting, neutral, impartial fact finder and they knowingly promote false headlines, it is time to change the channels.

President Trump may at times be loud, rude, repetitive and verbally unpolished but he is certainly not a traitor or a Russian asset. The Special Counsel Report confirms there was no collusion. If anything, the Russians would have loved to have Secretary of State Clinton as president, as she and Special Counsel Robert Mueller (FBI Director) agreed to the transfer of uranium in exchange for a large donation to the Clinton Foundation. Why wouldn’t the Russians want her elected when she was so accommodating? The Trump-Russian investigation was a typical example of waste, fraud and abuse of $35 million dollars.

Helen Nicpon