Secaucus softball team in solid hands with Roesing sisters; former Reporter Female Athletes of the Year finally combine forces

The Secaucus softball team is poised for another state playoff run. From left are: assistant coach Danielle Roesing, Gabby Samarelli, Jessie Gohde, Destiny Guzman, Alyssa Perez, Alex Ianuale, Gabby Pimentel, Gianna Zena and head softball coach Cory Roesing.
The Secaucus softball team is poised for another state playoff run. From left are: assistant coach Danielle Roesing, Gabby Samarelli, Jessie Gohde, Destiny Guzman, Alyssa Perez, Alex Ianuale, Gabby Pimentel, Gianna Zena and head softball coach Cory Roesing.

Cory Roesing said that she was more than ready to take on the challenges of coaching a second sport at her alma mater of Secaucus High School, adding softball to her demands of being the head girls’ volleyball coach.

“It really hasn’t been hard at all,” said Roesing, now 29 years old and 12 years removed from being perhaps the greatest all-around athlete in the school’s history. “It’s been a lot of fun. We have a great group of girls and a lot of them play both sports for me, so they know my style and I know theirs. We’re doing something we all love. I knew I could handle it.”

Roesing took over the softball duties this season when former coach Amanda Wargocki became the high school’s assistant principal.

Roesing, the 2006-2007 Hudson Reporter Co-Female Athlete of the Year (along with Leslie Njoku of McNair Academic) received an added boost when she took over the coaching reins this year when her younger sister Danielle came on board to serve as an assistant coach. Danielle Roesing, the 2012-2013 Hudson Reporter Female Athlete of the Year, was an assistant last year at Harrison for Secaucus native Chris Innis.

The Roesing sisters remain the only sisters to ever receive the Reporter’s year-end awards.

“Danielle made the transition to head coach easier for me,” said Cory Roesing. “I’ve learned so much from her, especially about pitching. She handles all the pitching and it’s great that we’re together.”

The Roesing sisters never had a chance to play on the same team at Secaucus, but they’re now coaching together.

“I think it makes it more enjoyable,” the elder Roesing sister said. “Danielle took over the pitching responsibilities and I trust her completely calling the pitches.”

Needless to say, the sisters could have never imagined that this would be the plan, one sister as the head coach and the other as an assistant.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we think this could happen,” Cory Roesing said. “Being together is just icing on the cake.”

The Patriots enjoying a winning record also helps. At press time, the Patriots own a 10-6 record, putting them in prime position for the upcoming NJSIAA North Jersey Section 2, Group 1 state playoffs.

“I think we’re right where we expected to be,” Cory Roesing said. “We’ve had four extra inning games that could have gone either way. It’s unfortunate that we lost a few of those.”

The Patriots are led by a strong senior contingent.

Senior right-hander Jessie Gohde is the team’s primary pitcher.

“She’s doing pretty well,” Roesing said. “She has a poker face. You never see any emotion coming from her. We look to her to be a leader.”

Sophomore Sydney Ianuale is Gohde’s back-up on the mound.

“She’ll take over next year,” Roesing said.

The catcher is three-sport senior Hailey Mojica, who also plays soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter.

“She’s a great kid and a good athlete,” Roesing said.

Senior Alex Ianuale is the team’s first baseman. She’s the older sister of Sydney.

“She’s a vocal presence on the team,” Roesing said of the elder Ianuale. “She’s good at first base.”

Senior Gianna Zena is the team’s starter at second base.

“She’s our leadoff batter,” Roesing said of Zena, who is also a power hitter. “She has natural talents.”

Senior Gabby Samarelli was a baseball player until this season, when she made the switch to softball.

“She is getting some college looks,” Roesing said of Samarelli, who has a cannon for an arm and is a sure-fire fielder. “It was smarter for her to play softball because of college. She is a strong hitter.”

Senior Alyssa Perez was the team’s shortstop last year, but shifted over to third base this season to make way for Samarelli.

“She’s our cleanup hitter,” Roesing said. “She hit a home run out of the park against New Milford.”

Senior Gabby Pimentel is the Patriots’ starting left fielder.

“She brings a lot of speed to the lineup,” Roesing said. “We use her to advance runners, because she puts the ball in play.”

Senior Destiny Guzman is the centerfielder.

“She’s been our go-to outfielder for the last three years,” Roesing said. “She has the most experience out there.”

Junior Caroline Andriani is the team’s right fielder. Andriani is a converted infielder.

“She has one of the strongest bats in our lineup,” Roesing said. “She is willing to do whatever is best for the team.”

Sophomore Grace Angulo is the team’s back-up catcher and sometime designated player.

“She’s a good hitter who is a power hitter,” Roesing said. “She’s the catcher of the future.”

Skylar Eccles is a junior outfielder and Sydney Fournier is a junior pitcher/infielder. Freshman Jordan Rocco is the team’s jack-of-all-trades.

Needless to say, Roesing is having fun coaching softball, one of three sports she played flawlessly in high school.

“Most of the girls don’t know much about me as a softball player, because I really don’t say much about it,” Roesing said. “In volleyball, when we practice, I hit the ball at them, but not in softball.”

As for the current Patriots realizing the brilliance of the two sisters as softball standouts?
“I really don’t think they know,” Cory Roesing said. “We have a really good group that I would like to see make a deep run in the county and state playoffs.”

The Patriots were slated to face Kearny in the quarterfinals of the Hudson County Tournament. The state playoff bracket was not released at press time.
The Roesing family has a stranglehold on coaching at Secaucus High School. Brothers Eddie and Bobby are wrestling coaches together. Eddie is also an assistant coach to Charlie Voorhees in football. Talk about all in the family.

“It gives us all something to talk about when we’re together,” Cory Roesing said.

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